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The Chemy Called Al Second Edition by Wendy Isdell is now available

Welcome all to Official Wendy Isdell Website 3.0. Feel free to browse, sniff around, and otherwise explore this virtual piece of my world.   Good luck, ye intrepid souls!

This site is dedicated to my friends & fans.


Website Changes

  • June 3, 2017. New overhaul: bringing up to latest standards: html5, responsive for phones, etc..
  • August 20-25, 2012. Major overhaul in progress. New graphics, fonts, CSS.
  • August 4, 2012. New Guestbook/Gadgets.
  • March 25, 2003. Website 2.0 revealed.
  • November 1994. Original website opens.

Latest Message

June 29, 2017

Hello, everyone! I've got the website changes done. Now it flows nicely when you resize the page, or load it in a smaller screen such as a phone. Plus it has the latest html5 standards. Good deal!

Next, A Gebra Named Al Second Edition is on the market! Check the buy page for locations where you can get it :). Very exciting!

Also, I'm considering revising the guide to Using Gebra in the Classroom so look for that soon.

Edit (August 10, 2017) I've revised and uploaded Using A Gebra Named Al In the Classroom to!

Last of all, for more frequent updates, please check my Social Media links on the contact page. That's it! :)

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